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“THE MOST ARRESTING aspect of the master bathroom Lena Brion designed for Connie and Randy Malin in Rancho Santa Fe seems to be its subtle beauty. But a deeper look reveals that the room’s comeliness is combined with aging-in-place features that, as Lena puts it, “make their life so much easier.

“Lighting is always a key element to enhancing a space, and a big part of aging in place is providing illumination where you need it,” she continues. “There’s a cove light that goes all the way around the shower so that it’s easy to see what’s on the walls. When you open cabinets, the lights come on and you can quickly see what you are looking for.”

In a breathtaking approach to decorative lighting, LED lights behind the etched edges of mirrors saturate the translucent frames to glistening effect. Down lights shine through glass shelves by the tub; up lights at the tub’s baseboard emphasize the blue of wallcovering. The combination of the three gives the master bathroom dramatic depth and dips the room in an enchanting, soft glow at night.

“The way Lena layers lighting is absolutely amazing,” Connie says. “But the real hook she brought in for the bathroom was the Chilewich silvery blue wallcover. It grabs your eye and makes the whole space pop.”

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